Welcome to Taylor Fizzix Class Presentation Downloads!

ALL of the PowerPoint lessons done in class can be had here. MOST are in 3 different formats. Feel free to download and use whichever one(s) you feel will help you. Keep in mind, these can be used as part of your notes...

  1. PPT : Original PowerPoint interactive show seen in class. In PPTX (2010) format. If a PPT does not open for you, see fixes below,
  2. PDF: Adobe format. Much smaller file and quicker download. However, is NOT interactive. Just pictures of the slides.
  3. FLV: Flash Video Tutorial format. These are the original PowerPoint presentations narrated by petite moi and converted intpo a flash video. This way, you can simply play the presentation and listen to my boring voice drone on and on about what might be important. ***Not viewable on iPads.
  4. YouTube video enbedded. This is the FLV mentioned above, but hosted on YouTube so even iPads can view it.

PowerPoint 2010 (PPTX Formats) fixes: If you can't open the original PPT, do one of the following.

  1. Download PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from Microsoft. PPT Viewer is FREE and will allow you to view any PowerPoint created in any version. However, you will NOT be able to edit/change anything.
  2. Download Open Office. This is an extensive and FREE program which will allow you to open, edit, and even create anything Microsoft Office does; PowerPoints, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Accel Databases, etc...
Date Updated
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Description Format/Action
02/17/2016 HONORS & AP2 Semester 1 PPTs
02/17/2016 HONORS Ch11
02/17/2016 GRAVITATIONAL WAVES: Special Presentation from Tues & Wed 02/16&17
02/17/2016 HONORS Ch12
01/23/2015 AP1 Ch16 & 17 (Waves & Sound) 2015
01/23/2015 AP2 Ch26 & 27 (Color & Interference) 2015
02/18/2015 AP1 Ch18 & 19 (Electrostatics & Fields) 2015
02/23/2015 AP2 Ch29 - 31 (Quantum, Atomic, & Nucular Fizzix) 2015
03/18/2015 AP1 Ch20 - 21 Overview (Ohm & Circuits) 2015