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Following is a list of the individual chapters from the online OpenTrax College Physics text. There are two formats for each chapter: Windows XPS and universal PDF. The ONLY advantage to XPS is a slightly higher resolution that MAY make it easier for some folks on smaller screens to read. Apple products will need to download and install a FREE XPS Viewer first.
Chapter # Format
1: Intro SHTUFF
11: Fluid Statics
12: Fluid Dynamics
13: Temperature & Kinetic Theory
14: Heat
15: Thermodynamics
16: Waves
18: Electrostatcis - Charge & Field
19: Electric Potential & Field
20: Ohm's Law
21: DC/RC Circuits
22: Magnetism
23: Magnatic Induction
24: Electromagnetic Waves
25: Geomatric Optics
27: Optical Interference
29: Quantum Physics
30: Atomic Theory
31: Nuclear Physics

Updated 09/06/2015

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