An Inconvenient Truth

Work in Progress: Last updated 11/27/06 7:58PM

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Find here an essay I wrote just today on Gore's accompanying book, "An Inconvenient Truth". NO, I didn't buy it; my wife bought it for me. She must be mad at me or sumpin...

Synopsis? One-time self-proclaimed "Next President of the United States" (The ONLY attempt at humor in this graphic lecture) portrays himself as a scientific expert by spewing statements like, "We all know...", "All scientists agree that...", "It is obvious that...", and "No one can argue that we are doing this to ourselves...". He falls short of claiming to have invented Global Warming in his spare time at Harvard, but other than that, there is no solid science, no scientific rebuttal, and an over-abundance of political bravado and blustering posturing. So, how do I really feel? This 'documentary' is actually a 'mockumentary'! I liked Gore till this! I voted for him, for cryin' out loud! TWICE! (Hey, my other brother, Daryl, had to vote, ya know...) However, this is such an anti-science, no evidence diatribe that I find myself wondering why a man who purports to have an IQ above 140 is stuck in such an intellectual black hole... 2008 posturing? Who am I to say? However, I have lots to say about the real SCIENCE involved!

John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

This is just a beginning review. I'll be back soon to complete this initial review after I have time to consult with a few of my science-type colleagues and have time to stop the overwhelming urge to puke. In the meanwhile, you can visit a more detailed PowerPoint presentation I'm preparing on the Global Swarming topic overall at Gore-Bull Warming; Fact, Fiction, & Myth. Or you can view a less interactive PDF version here. Please, keep in mind, the PPT is a work in progress also! If I don't have all the proper references, I WILL! Contact me if you want to argue or can aid in this educational endeavor.

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