Welcome to Taylor Grading Rationale and Other Things You Were Afraid To Ask...

Student Email Communication: All e-mail communications to Mr. Taylor must be done through a student's school-provided Gmail account at Daryl_Taylor [AT] Greenwich.k12.ct.us. All documents shared with teachers must occur via a student's school-provided Google Docs account. As a reminder, the school-provided student Gmail/Google Docs account format is: firstname.lastname@greenwichschools.org.

If you need instructions on how to access your Gmail/Google Docs account or need to reset your password, please check the top of the GHS Media Center web site.

GHS Honor Code: The Honor Code is in the Student Planner and Mr. Taylor expects that students will abide by it.

Now, the gory details:

Notes for ALL classes:

  1. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This includes homeworks, lab write-ups, & Exams. Exceptions to this no exception rule can be had on a one-to-one basis if AND ONLY IF I am notified well in advance that there is a problem. Late work = zero; that simple.
  2. Exams are expected to be completed the day they are scheduled. In the event you miss class that day for a legitimate reason AND it is an in-class written exam, you should take the exam the day following the scheduled exam. If you plan on taking the exam after I review it, you must take a make-up exam that is same size, but slightly more difficult. All make-up exams are obtained from me personally; I don't use the Learning Centers due to security issues.
  3. ALL EXAMS ARE OPEN NOTE for the 1st Semester! Not open-book! Open-NOTE. So, take notes.

AP1 & 2 FIZZIX 2014

Final Quarter grades are determined from the following formula.

  1. 60% Exams (3 per Quarter)
  2. 30% LABS (Many...)
  3. 10% Homework/Worksheets/Other (Every night!)
As described on PowerPoint #1, the 3 Exams consist of
  1. ONE Double Block Paper Exam (Typical in-class thing)
  2. TWO Exams where Free-Response Section is Takehome and Multiple Guess Section is one block in-class.
LABS are all completed in class and are mostly full inquiry method. This means YOU design it, YOU implement it, YOU decide what's important. All LABS are to be formally written for submission following any style you choose.

Homework is on a "weekly" basis; each chapter is assigned at the beginning of the chapter and due roughly one week later. All homework is to be completed OUT OF CLASS. There will be no in-class time for HW. Due Dates are posted at a Google Calendar found via DT Fizzix AP1 Homework -OR- DT Fizzix AP2 Calendar.

Homework is graded on a "completion" style. If there are 30 problems assigned and you did a VAST MAJORITY OF THEM (like at least 90% of them), you get full credit. I must see your work on each and every problem. No credit will be given for homework I can't easily follow or for no work shown.

HW assignments are always the same: Half of the "Questions" (minimum 10) & HALF of the "Problems" (minimum 10).

NO CREDIT FOR LATE HW. EVER. You have at least one week to complete and turn in.

General Homework Notes:

Submission of all homework is due THAT CALENDAR DAY before 11:59:59 PM ET (23:59:59 Military Time). Submission may be done using any ofthe following methods.
  1. Dead trees. Hand in on paper before leaving for the day; approximately 2:30PM ET
  2. Smartphone images WITH YOUR NAME PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON EACH IMAGE and email to my GHS email.
  3. Scan and send as email attachment to my GHS email.
  4. Interdimentional Wormhole Vortex # π