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Welcome to the wonderful world of Fizzix & Astronomy! This outline will sorta fill you in on what's going to happen in 945 for both AP2 Physics, Honors Physics, Honors Astro & Astro. You ARE responsible for knowing these guidelines.

General Information For All Taylor Classes

Or, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Science, But Were Afraid To Ask
Philosophy: Don't TEACH! LEARN!

Specifics for ALL Classes?

  1. LABS? This is a LAB course and my LABS are a little weirder than you are used to. They are, for the most part, "Discovery" type LABS. This means they have very little, if ANY, directions. They simply pose a question or problem and YOU have to not only figure out the answer, but you must also figure out HOW to get the answer. A few LAB things...
    1. LABS are always due the day AFTER we actually do the LAB work. So, do the write-up that night.
    2. LABS can be re-done for better grades as many times as you need, unless otherwise stated! If you need more time to complete the lab, it is your responsibility to get in to finish or re-do it. This includes before school 6:00AM-7:15AM, during tutorials, and after school by appointment any day except Friday. (That's the day I go in search of a personal life . . . )
      What if a lab just fails you? Try again. If you and your partner(s) receive a not-so-cool grade on a lab, simply do it again on your own time for a re-grading. Science is full of valiant attempts and valiant failures. It's the tenacious that found answers. EVERY MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP MUST PARTICIPATE.
    3. Initial LAB MUST receive a grade of 50% or better for you to have the right to Re-Do it. In other words, you can't RE-do it if you didn't DO it in the 1st place... I give a 50% if I'm convinced you tried.
    4. LABS are group endeavors; every LAB group member gets the same grade. This means one write-up per group.
    5. Speaking of LAB write-ups... Your write-up must be FORMAL! This simply means typed, not hand-written. The format you choose is yours - Step-by-step procedure or a narrative.
  2. Quizes?
    1. Often and unannounced. You will be able to work WITH A PARTNER on all class quizes, unless I get mean.
    2. There will be many "Nightly" quizzes sent in the early AM (before GHS starts) and due by end of day (Midnight that day).
    3. Quizzes are lumped together with LABS to combine for 30% of your grade.
  3. Exams? Often and announced! 3 Exams per Q.

    1. 1st Exam is conventional class Exam. DOUBLE BLOCK: 1/2 Multiple Guess & 1/2 SA problems. It is open note Q1 ONLY! The better your notes, the better your grade. Simple.
    2. 2nd Exam is double-duty. Multiple Guess part is done in class during one block. SA (Free-Response) will last 2 days out of class.
    3. 3rd Exam is a lot like the 2nd except the SA part lasts for 4-5 days.

      ASTRO :

      ALL Exams are ONE BLOCK and 2/3 Multiple Guess & 1/3 SA. HONORS Astro has a few more MG's and SA's.

  4. Homework?
    1. Yep. You should train yourself to do HW every night. Period. Due dates are never day-by-day; they are set a week or two in advance. Make sure to keep an eye on the Class Calendar.
    2. Homework MUST be your own. I encourage group work on just about anything, but your HW must be your own. If you hand in a photocopy, a Word DOC, or any other form other than handwriting, it will be resoundingly "frowny faced" if I see it more than once. If you share a Google DOC with me and others helped, make sure you tell me who, what, where, & why!
    3. NO LIST OF ANSWERS when math steps are involved. This, too, will result in a frowny face... SHOW ALL WORK!
  • All closets and cabinets are OFF-LIMITS! There are many dangerous and evil things lurking in a science LAB; Lead balls the size of your head, Arsenic darts that would drop a bull elephant and many mysterious items from Are 51 that even I have no clue on what they might do. If you need something, ask!
  • Do NOT TOUCH ANY LAB SET-UP in the room that YOU did not construct! Other classes are using them and you could ruin lots of their valuable time.
  • Be on time. Duh...
  • Be here. Sounds like another "Duh", but isn't. Be here, not somewhere on the evil interwebs.
  • Check the weekly schedule online at DTFizzix.com and/or Schoologyonomyectomy (when it actually works...) regularly to see what I'm up to. In the event of an absence, you can always check what you missed and be prepared to make it up upon your return.
  • You have a textbook. It is FREE and online. Use it as a resource for getting ready for all the wacky and challenging things we do in class. Since this is an 'advanced' science course, you are simply expected to:
  • ANYTIME you have a SUB, whatever you do in class counts as a DOUBLE QUIZ GRADE. PERIOD. The wrath of the Fizzix Gods shall fall upon you with the force of a plethora of black holes if a nasty word is ever said about you by a Sub.
  • Free Potty Pass. Details discussed in class.
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