AP Fizzix 1 & 2 Summer Syllabus Thingee

Hi. Let's get right to the dirt. Most teachers will say things like, "You are expected to do this...". I won't insult your intelligence that way. However, you are expected to do this! I do things a little differently than most others. All your work will be online. You will do work online. Quiz online. Test online. Contact me online. Be graded online. Online online. What happens if you have no internet at home or you don't have a real Internet Provider? What if you are still in the dark ages and using an archaic messenger pigeon system like AOL? See Troublesooting FAQ's below...

Here's how it'll work. You can do all or any part of the 2014 Summer Work at home on your own computer, on a friend's computer while away vacationing in the Carribean or on Mars, or you can come in to GHS and use our blazingly fast computers anytime you are near one. Follow the steps herein to get started. Images of the pages you will bump into online are attached for your info.

  1. First, logon to Prentice Hall Giancoli Site (http://wps.prenhall.com/esm_giancoli_physicsppa_6)
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Click on the "Browser Tuneup" button near bottom middle of page. This will check your browser for compatability and inform you if you need anything.
  3. Next, at this 'Welcome Screen', click on the little '1' representing 'chapter one' on the top panel of the screen.
  4. At the bottom of the left navigation bar, click on 'Profile". Fill in your profile following the image below. Make sure to fill it in completely! This way, you don't need to fill in info every time you hop online.

    Make sure you:
    1. Place YOUR info where it asks for "Personal Information". Real names only; NO NICKNAMES!
    2. Place MY name (Daryl Taylor) & email correctly: daryl_taylor [at] greenwich [dot] k12 [dot] ct [dot] us . NOTE: I am the account holder. There will be TWO copies of your Giancoli work; one goes to me, the other goes to your teacher. Place your teacher's name & email in the "TA" info. IF I AM YOUR TEACHER or YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR TEACHER, leave the "TA" info blank.
    3. Send to yourself (you, NOT me...) as "plain text"; it saves disc space. However, send to ME [Instructor) and your teacher (TA) as "HTML".
  5. Upon completion of each assignment, you must SUBMIT the work for grading and to forward a copy to me!
  6. Make sure that after you submit the assignment, you get a page that says "Your Results Emailed Successfully".
  7. Move on to the next assignment.
  • You are to complete the Practice Questions (25 each chapter) for all the listed chapters on the AP 1 Task List or the AP 2 Task List for the AP Summer 2014 work.. In ADDITION, you are assigned several "Application" questions that are directly linked from these Task Lists.
  • DO NOT DO THE GIANCOLI APPLICATIONS! The Applications listed on the Task Lists for both AP1 & AP2 are single questions housed at Mr. Taylor's GHS Google Drive, NOT Giancoli.
  • Do ALL of one assignment before moving on OR
  • Do what you can and move on to come back later to finish OR
  • Do little at a time when you have time OR
  • Don't do anything and get a zero as your 1st Exam grade! Your choice.
  • The webserver will keep track of ALL your work and responses and send a copy to BOTH you AND me.
    A few things in general :
    1. Each assignment is designed to be completed 1st time thru in less than 30 minutes. This does NOT, of course, include any optional reading and study time. That is entirely up to you.
    2. All work is at your own pace. It is easy to get ahead. PLEASE don't wait till September to start; it's too late by then! ALL WORK IS DUE 1st class day in the fall 2014; August 27?
    3. Resources include the following:
      1. Pick up a Giancoli text book from Mr. Taylor in Rm 945 before leaving for the summer. The online Pearson site that you will be working from is associated with the Giancoli 6th edition AP Physics text.
      2. Utilize the AP Physics Tutorials at Mr. Taylor's website; DTFizzix.com. There are two types of tutorials for your pleasure; one is a 1-2 page quick overview (most likely all you'll need) and the other is a more in-depth 3-7 page tutorial including sample problems and questions. Find the tutorials at DTFizzix or on Taylor's Google Drive.
      3. A graphic-based resource is HyperPhysics. Great graphical interface for a quick answer look-up.
      4. Use a myriad of Interwebs physics resources.
    4. The official grade for this work will count as one-half of the 1st 'X'; Exam . I don't want to infringe on your valuable time too much. However, if you do not successfully complete the Summer Work, you will be left behind in the dust when we hit the ground running in Sept. AP FIZZIX is considerably faster than HONORS Fizzix was. Welcome to the Big League! There will be no reprieve for those falling behind, so get ready now. [NOTE: This Summer 2014 work is ½ of Exam #1; the other ½ will be a class exam during the 1st week back!]
    5. You can keep ALL work online. However, you do have the capability of printing all work for your records and reviewing as you go.
    6. You have your own account. Set it up for your best interest.
    7. I am your resource person for Fizzix. Use me. I have no friends, no life, and my family hates me, so I'm here for you all the time.
    8. Contact me anytime anyway anywhere. I am here for you, not verse visa.

    Troubleshooting FAQ's things:
    Q: What do I do if I have no internet at home?
    A: Steal one of ours! No, seriously folks, there are two situations this question can deal with. One is the case where you just don't have internet at home. If this is the case, email me (Taylor). I can send you an electronic PDF file for you to physically work on and then hand in 1st day back in the Fall. The other case, which happens if you have inferior providers like AOL, is when you actually HAVE internet service, but for some reason just can't get online or when you submit the work you receive an "error" message. This gets complicated also. Email services like Hotmail don't handle this HW service well. Hotmail has a small limit and many of these assignments are larger than that. If you get an 'error' message when submitting, I got it, you didn't. In the event of ANY QUESTION, print out your answers and hand them in like regular old 20th century paper homework assignments. No problem.

    Q: OK, Wise and Merciful One, what happens if I forget to submit the 2014 Summer Work & the first AP class rolls around?
    A: Well, Grasshopper, do dee word 'ZERO' ring a bell? No excuses. No lates. No way. As stated in the previous FAQ, in the event of a catastophic computer problem, ya gotta let me know IMMEDIATELY!

    Q: How does this all get graded and such?
    A: Your homework is received by my server and sent to a folder with YOUR NAME ON IT. Therefore, it is important not to use nicknames like 'Pookie Bear' or 'Snuggy Wuggy'. Basically, I will check to see how many of the assignments you successfully completed. I will first look at the number of assignmets received. Then I will peruse each to see that you tried. Keyword here is TRIED! I use a coaching analogy for Summer Work; It's the practice! It's no deal at all if you make a mistake at practice, right? However, you don't want to make mistakes during the Big Game! Homework is practice. Exams are the Big Game. So, cheating is pointless and counter-productive.

    Q: What if I work on an assignment with a buddy? Do I have to go through and re-submit the same stuff s/he just did?
    A: Nay! Group work is encouraged! If you do some work with a partner at home, just send me (Taylor), email above, a separate email stating that's what you did. No sweat. However, there are limits to this. I will not accept one submitted assignment then an email with 67 names on it!

    Q: Can I make up assignments missed?
    A: WHAT? You're nor serious, are you? The answer is definitely indisputably emphatically maybe... Under very very rare circumstances, I will allow HW to be made up. This could include an extended illness I wasn't aware of, your house being swallowed by a mini-blackhole, and Democracy as we know it falters. Other than that, no. If you even ask, your parents will be involved. If they can sweet-talk me with Krispy Kremes, then....

    Have fun.

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