Kid's Comments

I used to tutor online for an AOL thing. The following are actual questions and comments from these kids. Each question or comment recieved a dignified response from an online tutor. These are not meant to demean the kids, just for enlightenment. Spelling and grammatical errors have been kept intact...

  1. i need someone to take a french test for me.
  2. I'm doing a report on ancient Greek gods and Goddesses. i was wondering if there was a God or Goddess of waste. I'm especially interested in finding out if there is a god or goddess of the bathroom.
  3. Why do people in books always have to be weird like my brother aaron?
  4. where do you get homework passes?
  5. in a one page essay describe the "Old Man in the Sea" - I have the book but it is so dull and boring that I can't get into it long enough to read a page. Please help me.
  6. my mother needs help on english so could u come over and teach her
  7. what can i make with a peanut butter jar
  8. When dinosaurs died, were they blue?
  9. I get so confused with math!!! Can you please explain everything that 5th and fourth graders learn???!!! I forgot it all over the summer!!!!!
  10. where can I get the biology of J. D. Salinger?
  11. Is there music coming from the black hole?
  12. I was wondering if snakes go to the bathroom.
  13. I need to know how to spell the pladge of the ledgents in spanish?
  14. I have to do a ten minuet oral presentation on the minuet men.
  15. Other than his horse what was Robert E Lee's other pet?
  16. Where can I find Delaware in 1638
  17. If the earth were flat how would time zones be affected?
  18. what time did sign language was made
  19. Wasn't Hamlet a baby pig? Because my brother tried to lei to me and say he wasn't but I no he was because I sawed him and he was fat like my girlfriends dad.
  20. If I were to cross the international date line on my birthday would I get presents twice?
  21. What is the difference between Lithuania and North Carolina?